From Chamberlain institute (West Kowloon) to UAL LCC


My name is Chloe and I am a student at Chamberlain Institute (West Kowloon). I have received three offers from UAL LCC including Design for Art Direction, Design Management, and Advertising. I feel very honoured to have received three offers from my top choice of college, LCC, and am very excited to study my top choice of subject, Design for Art Direction. I want to study in UAL as it is a highly regarded Art University with good industry connections. I have done projects with concepts and themes such as parasocial relationships, fate, identity, censorship. All my inspirations come from my interest in K-pop and societal issues I aim to address.


 I found out about Chamberlain as I searched “UAL HK” online and Chamberlain came up as UAL’s Hong Kong representative. I chose Chamberlain because I believed they could help me get into my top university choice. The foundation course helped me prepare my portfolio as it provided me with the opportunity to work on projects that would end up in my portfolio. The teachers helped me by engaging in conversations about my ideas and providing more input into what I can further explore as well as giving professional guidance in certain areas such as photography.


My biggest challenge in Chamberlain was getting to know people at the beginning of the course as I am quite an introverted person and had difficulty communicating due to language barriers (I studied at Harrow International School Hong Kong before). I overcame this and was able to make friends as I slowly adapted to communicating with them and my language skills has also improved. I had a fun experience at Chamberlain Institute as work was stress-free for the most part and could freely express my ideas in an artistic manner. If I didn’t join the course, I wouldn’t have been able to meet the friends that I know now and would have felt like I didn’t have much of a community. I also wouldn’t have known that I wanted to study art direction and would’ve probably applied for graphic design instead. My biggest piece of advice for future students of Chamberlain is to be bold. Don’t be afraid to try something new or think that your ideas are too complex to carry out or that no one understands what you’re trying to achieve because you are the artist and as long as you’re able to justify your choices then do it, there’s no right or wrong in art. In the future, I hope to work as a creative director in the entertainment industry.



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